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Mr. Nichols' experience and background in the law is extensive. Having graduated from UCLA summa cum laude and a member of Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in economics, he then continued on to earn his law degree from Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, Illinois where he served as an editor of the Law Review and graduated cum laude.

Since that time, he obtained his California brokers license, and has successfully closed many multi-million dollar industrial, residential and land transactions. At the same time, he also has defended the rights of hundreds of his clients in both federal and state courts in both California and New Mexico. In addition, his practice has also included arbitration, mediation and both civil and criminal litigation. He has negotiated and litigated with various departments of the United States government, including the Securities & Exchange Commission and the United States Justice Department. In addition to the foregoing, he has written numerous articles, appeared on radio and television and drafted and lobbied for the enactment of several groundbreaking pieces of legislation (see HIGHLIGHTS section on this site).

Ultimately, this path led to an invitation to become the general counsel and manager of Hilton & Hyland, one of the world’s premier luxury real estate companies in Beverly Hills. In that capacity for approximately five years, Mr. Nichols facilitated and oversaw hundreds of multi-million dollar residential transactions involving luxury properties located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, West Hollywood and beyond, while overseeing close to 130 high powered real estate brokers and agents operating throughout this “golden triangle.”

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  • Member, California State Bar Association

  • Member, New Mexico State Bar Association

  • Judge Pro Tem, Superior Court, Los Angeles County

  • Member, California Central District Court, 9th Circuit

  • Member, California Eastern District Court, 9th Circuit

  • Member, New Mexico District Court, 10th Circuit

  • Licensed California Real Estate Broker

  • Research Associate, The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C.

  • U.S. Government Intern, Washington, D.C., United States House of Representatives



State Law Practice




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