To Stop the Coup and Restore the Rule of Law,
America Needs to Prosecute Hillary Clinton


In the aftermath of the recent filing of the Mueller report, Greta Van Susteren and Franklin Graham independently issued tweets that respectively urged the nation to now just “forgive” and “move on.”

With all due respect, however, their advice is, at best, premature

While it is true that God is forgiving, He is also a God who — according to the 37th Psalm — loves justice and will not forsake His godly ones.

America should expect nothing less from its government — that justice be done — if for no other reason than to assure us all that we have a government that is still committed to the Rule of Law. 

And that is something our Government must do today before we can afford to forgive and move on.

And for that to happen today, we don’t need any further investigations.

We don’t need any more Special Counsels.

Nor do we need any more Congressional hearings.

Or, even any more mock trials conducted for hours on end by the hosts of talk radio or cable news network shows.

These are dog-and-pony shows that are diversions useful to a government that is already playing a procedural shell game intended to distract the public from an undeniable and unacceptable truth:  

Justice is not being done in America.

Our government officials pay lip service to the Rule of Law, while at the same time they refuse to prosecute even the most blatant crimes committed by certain important people upon whom their jobs and promotions may very well depend.  

This is a form of governmental hypocrisy that must not be allowed to take further root in America, or like Rome, our growing corruption will also cause us to fall.

Thus, America finds itself today at a critical fork in the road, and which path we choose to take from here will both define us as a culture and determine our future as a nation. 

For us to remain a nation that is great, we must hold our government’s feet to the fire and insist that going forward, our government will take the path that requires it to enforce all laws with blind impartiality as to all persons.

And that is why America needs to demand right now the indictments of those among our elite who have committed crimes that have not only been revealed to the nation, but that just continue to stare at us all in the face. 

For that to happen, there is no better place to start than with the of the Department of Justice’s prosecution of the one person whose behavior has become symbolic of the elite’s mockery of this nation’s adherence to the Rule of Law:

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Put aside the fact that for over thirty years, she has been our country’s poster-girl for government corruption by virtue of the fact that wherever she is and wherever she goes, corruption always seems to metastasize around her like a cancer.

For the moment, focus only on the most recent manifestation of that cancer — the delusion of collusion scandal by which she knowingly caused us to become divided as a people to the point that it brought our nation to the brink of a civil war.

Hillary is the one responsible for buying and paying for the creation of a fraudulent dossier that she then knowingly allowed to be used for over two years — by a corrupt posse of high-level government and media sycophants loyal to her — to attempt a coup d’ état.

That is to say that Hillary both initiated and facilitated a conspiracy to commit treason by seeking to overthrow the government of the United States of America by attempting to depose a duly elected President, ironically based on the unfounded accusation that somehow he was the one who had committed treason.

That is textbook projection at its very best — accusing Donald Trump of that for which she, in fact, was guilty.

It is also important to note that, although she was the one person who knew for the last two years that the President’s alleged “collusion” was entirely based on a fraudulent dossier she had created and paid for, she remained completely silent about that fact to allow the attempted coup she began to continue with her blessing.

And who's to say it won't continue on into the future unless she and her now infamous cadre are at some point held accountable for their treason? 

To date, only a number of her co-conspirators have lost their jobs, while she has remained entirely untouched. Whereas, all of them — including her — have remained absolutely free to move about the country writing books, giving speeches and tweeting to their heart's content about how our duly elected President and his government should be overthrown and replaced.

And why wouldn’t they?

They all now share motives in common that would only cause them to want to continue pursuing the coup they started, notwithstanding the collapse of the Mueller investigation.

For one thing, they most certainly all share an awareness of the fact that, until the current President is replaced, none of them will be entirely safe from prosecution.

Moreover, can anyone possibly doubt that they all — including Hillary — are also harboring in their hearts at least some flicker of hope that, were a Presidential swap to be made possible, a new President less committed to a cleaning of the swamp could possibly enable them all to be restored once again to their former positions of power?

Thus, to put a stop to their attacks on the President that are only likely to continue dividing this country, they all need to be put on notice immediately by the Department of Justice that America will never again allow corrupt elitists like Hillary and her sycophants to even imagine they are entitled to threaten the constitutional foundations of this great country with impunity.  

And that is a message the DOJ can send to all of them today by just taking whatever minimal actions may be necessary to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her violations of the Espionage Act based upon her storage of classified and top secret materials on her private server.

For a roadmap on how this may be accomplished, I would refer the DOJ to my article of September 14, 2018, entitled Dear Democrats …

The message being that the DOJ needs to stop pretending that she did nothing wrong and that Mr. Comey had the legal authority to absolve her of these many felonies on July 5th, 2016.

She did break the law and he did not have the authority to say otherwise.

Mr. Comey knows it, the DOJ knows it, and most importantly, We the People know it.

In short, our government needs to stop asking America to accept the lies it has attempted to purvey to excuse the crimes of those that some in the Department of Justice/FBI want to protect from prosecution, while they are at the same time asking us to believe that we are a nation governed by the Rule of Law.

Until this inconsistency is dealt with, can we really afford to merely forgive people like Hillary Clinton and her illicit posse of desperados and just turn a blind eye to their corruption to move on?

Not if we hope to remain a great nation that will continue to be regarded by the world as a shining city upon a hill.

And for those who may still wish to extend some form of forgiveness, perhaps that would best be offered to people like Hillary by way of a plea bargain.

Clifford C. Nichols is an attorney licensed to practice in California and New Mexico, political commentator and author. Follow him on Twitter at @cnicholslaw and direct any comments or questions regarding this editorial to