Don’t Fill the Swamp with Crocs to Deal with the Gators

© CLIFFORD C. NICHOLS, ESQ., October, 2017

Happily I received an email from a colleague that read simply: "Woo Hoo, Moore Won!!!"

“Woo Hoo," indeed!!! For many, the victory this week of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama was an answer to prayer. In fact, Judge Moore’s victory was God's response to many prayers lifted up by many people across the country over the last year -- not only for Roy Moore -- but for President Trump as well.

Moore's run-off victory over his fellow Republican, Luther Strange, is irrefutable evidence that the President's base/supporters value Trump's stated agenda more than they do Trump the individual.

Resoundingly, those who had supported Trump in last year’s election rejected his endorsement just last week of Moore's opponent -- Luther Strange -- and instead voted for the man who most clearly endorsed Trump's agenda -- Roy Moore.

One can only hope it gets the message to Trump: Get back on target -- do what you need to do to fulfill the promises you made to America that got you elected.

Understandably, one -- like the President-- might respond by asking, how might that to be achieved, beyond all that is already being done?

One answer to that question might be for him to simply stop enlisting crocs to join him in the swamp in the hope of dealing with the gators.

To date it seems the President has regretfully -- but also, hopefully, unwittingly -- allowed a variant of the very creatures of the swamp he vowed to remove from Washington, D.C. to take up residence with him in the White House. And they must be identified and removed.

The current consensus of the deplorables out in places like Alabama is that these individuals who have pushed out the likes of Bannon and Gorka are in reality nothing other than allies and proxies of the Rove/McConnell/Ryan/Koch Brothers/Bush/McCain/Murdoch/Noonan Establishment Machine -- people who are only committed to helping that Machine retain its power by working behind the scenes to derail the President and his programs, such as:

  • Repealing ObamaCare;
  • Building the Wall;
  • Reducing Taxes;
  • Enforcing our immigration laws;
  • Eliminating DACA;
  • Restoring the Rule of Law; and
  • Locking-Her-Up along w/Comey/Rice/Lynch/Jarrett and any others who are found by a court of law to have committed any number of a variety of felonies. They have shown nothing less than blatant contempt for the oaths they all took to uphold the very laws they violated.

Our evaluation of the President’s progress in achieving these objectives so far has caused us to conclude the obvious: trying to drain a swamp by surrounding oneself with crocs in the hope of dealing with the gators is just not a tactic that appears to be working all that well. And what happened in Alabama on Tuesday should serve as a wake-up call to that fact.

In short, President Trump needs to re-shuffle the deck in his Administration and get back on track now, or it may soon be too late.

But then again, God works in mysterious ways. Who knows? Strange as it may seem, if the election in Alabama didn’t already achieve the purpose of delivering that message to President Trump, perhaps it is God's plan for the soon-to-be Senator Moore to be placed in a position to deliver it personally to the President in the near future -- something neither Luther Strange nor any other proxy of the Machine would be likely to do ... EVER.

Mr. Nichols is a former research associate at the Heritage Foundation and presently is an attorney licensed to practice law in both California and New Mexico. He may be contacted at