Published by WorldNetDaily, October 6, 2018

Senate Democrats Must Stop Using the Tactics of the Klan

©2018 Clifford C. Nichols

Last week, Judge Brett Kavanaugh quite rightly condemned the Democrat’s tactics to derail the Senate’s “advise and consent” process to put a stop to his nomination to the United States Supreme Court when he said:

“This confirmation process has become a national disgrace. You’ve replaced advice and consent with search and destroy.”

From one perspective, what we have witnessed appears to be a fraud of historical proportions being orchestrated by certain Senate Democrats to destroy a Supreme Court nominee they oppose. 

However, from another view, it can also clearly be seen that the tactics of these Democrats bear a frightening resemblance to those once used by their forefathers. 

Back in the day, when Democrats also sought to search out and destroy their enemies after the Civil War … they did so hidden behind the white sheets of the KKK. 

Today, however, instead of white sheets certain Democrats hide behind the title of their office in the United States Senate.

But their objectives are similar and the tactics they are using are the same. 

Without shame, false allegations are stacked upon false allegations, accusers upon accusers, and lies upon lies.

All with the fraudulent intent to mislead the American people. To have them arrive at a conclusion that is false: where so much smoke has been made to appear, there must also be fire.

Moreover, to achieve this objective, certain Senate Democrats have made every effort in the last several months to assassinate the good character of Judge Kavanaugh by attempting to mischaracterize him as:

  • A would-be rapist;

  • An encourager, if not participant, of gang rapes;

  • An indecent exposer;

  • A suspected alcoholic;

  • A barroom brawler;  

  • An alleged spiker of party punch bowls;

  • An indiscreet scribbler of cryptic high school yearbook notes; and

  • Even an intemperate dispatcher of ice cubes in a public place.     

Moreover, as a direct consequence of these fabrications, both he and his family have been subjected to anonymous hate mail threatening them with physical harm. His young daughter's prayers have been mocked in a hideous newspaper cartoon that has now been irretrievably unleashed on the Internet. Also, even fake news has been created to encourage the gullible on the Left to believe the animus surrounding his nomination has justified some "brave" protesters to vandalize his home.

So one must ask ... all to what end?

To remove — that is, to silence, and if necessary, to destroy — the threat they believe Judge Kavanaugh would pose on the Supreme Court to some of their most prized ideological shibboleths founded upon cases like Roe v. Wade and Obergefell v. Hodges.

However, is that an “end” that should be allowed to be used by anybody to justify such “means”?

Such tactics are nothing other than a modernized version of the evil tactics employed by Democrats to deal with their enemies following the Civil War — like, say, the tactics used against those families of color who had the “nerve” to move into an all-white neighborhood or who exhibited the “bad judgment” of attempting to enroll their children in all-white schools.

Democrats back then, like today, also attempted to convince such people to just "go away" or "disappear" by:

  • Spreading lies about them;

  • Subjecting them to public scorn and ridicule; and,  

  • Doing just about anything else they could think of to upset, disturb and destroy the peaceful existence of such families — as they are attempting to do today to Judge Kavanaugh and his family.

The only differences between the tactics used by Democrats then and now seem to be that:

  • The Democrats of today are keeping their white sheets hidden in their closets; and  

  • Unlike their Party’s predecessors, they appear to have learned to stop just short of doing anything to their enemies that might put them in the uncomfortable position of needing to explain to anyone how the dead bodies of those they hate came to be hanging from trees.

However, beyond that, the tactics of the Democrats today do not appear to have changed very much from back then.

They remain tactics that transcend the limits of those found to be acceptable in civil society to resolve mere political differences.

Such tactics are undeniably nothing less than …  evil.

So if such tactics once used by the KKK were rightly condemned back then for the undeniable evil that they were, is there any reason we all should not also condemn them today?

In fact, it is quite the opposite that is true.

As Dietrich Bonheoffer once said:

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. 

From this admonition, it follows that a public rebuking of the Senate Democrats should not only be the mandate but the imperative of all Senate Republicans. 

And perhaps a good place for them to start would be for them to form a resolve to resist their reflexive impulse to debate with the Democrats the merits of their evil.

In other words:

STOP dignifying the evil tactics of certain Democrats regarding Kavanaugh’s nomination — which would include their despicable and ever-shifting claims, accusations, maneuvers, and demands — by conceding that they are legitimately worthy of any debate.

STOP compromising with them.

STOP attempting to appease them.

STOP seeking to accommodate them.

What is hoped to be gained by debating an opponent that is not inconvenienced by little things such as good faith, honesty, and the truth? 



It is what is supposed to happen in our constitutional democracy.

Also, please do it soon. 

No decent person in this country ever wants a burning cross ever to be left again on anyone's front yard … much less on the front lawn of the Kavanaughs.

However, if the Democrats are left unchecked for much longer, that appears to be where they are taking us as a nation.


© CLIFFORD C. NICHOLS October, 2018 — Clifford C. Nichols is an attorney licensed to practice law in both California and New Mexico. A former research associate of The Heritage Foundation, he graduated from UCLA, summa cum laude, with a degree in Economics and became a member of the Phi Beta Kappa society. He received his Juris Doctorate degree, cum laude, at Northwestern Pritzker University School of Law where he was a member of the Board of Editors of the Law ReviewComments regarding this editorial may be directed to