Dear Congressman Steve Pearce
c/o Ms. Barbara Romero, District Director:

Please forward my congratulations to Congressman Pearce on his re-election.

Among other reasons, I am pleased because I know he is somewhat aware of how the policies of the current Dept. of Interior and the Dept. of Agriculture have caused the BLM and Forest Service to take actions adverse to many residents throughout the West and, in particular New Mexico, and even more in particular, the Lincoln National Forest.

Thus, as he moves forward in another term to represent his New Mexico constituents, please allow me to suggest the following thoughts for his consideration:

  • With the current Republican majority, now would seem an appropriate time to revisit the Endangered Species Act, and in particular, the attorney fees provisions thereof that have allowed the financing of radical environmental organizations that for decades have been intent upon preventing almost all productive activities on federal lands while making a virtual fortune in attorney's fees as a reward for their efforts. Congressman Pearce would do well to lead the charge to right these wrongs, and become a virtual legend in the West as a result. For a summary of some of the issues that matter on this point, please see A Cry For Due Process in the West.
  • The Congressman would achieve similar results if he were to simultaneously seek such revisions while also re-introducing an appropriately updated version of President Bush's Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003. Importantly, the Congressman should be made aware of the fact that this legislation was passed shortly after New Mexico's Catastrophic Wildfire Petition to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Ann Veneman was delivered in January, 2003. Of note, please have the Congressman review the list of New Mexico dignitaries listed at the end of the Petition who endorsed it at the time, many of whom the Congressman will recognize. Unfortunately, President Bush's Act was stopped in its tracks, in part, as a result of the ESA's attorney fee provisions discussed above.

These efforts in New Mexico were directed toward forest thinning on federal lands to help reduce the combustible biomass leading to catastrophic fires. But the foreseeable ancillary advantages to be derived from the efforts were hoped to be many-fold; they included, increased lumber production, increased grazing on federal allotments, increased protection of watersheds in the state and increased employment resulting from the economic stimulus such actions would produce. Significantly, all these benefits are translatable across the West today more than ever, if the proper strategic approach can be made in this time of transition to make America great again.

Thank you for your attention to these introductory thoughts on these important issues. However, should the Congressman prefer to not take the suggested initiative on these ideas, I am sure another in next year's new Congress will be found who will be willing to seize this presently unique opportunity and thereby help to make this country productive, and therefore, great again. 

Should the Congressman wish to discuss these matters in further detail, please do not hesitate to have him contact me directly at his convenience at 310.909.9024.


Clifford C. Nichols, Esq.

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Subject: RE: Forest Wildfire Prevention - An offer to assist.

Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2016 17:21:17 +0000

From: Romero, Barbara <>

To: 'Clifford Nichols' <>

Hello Mr. Nichols,

Thank you for your email. It was nice meeting you. Let us know when you are in the area again. We will let the Congressman’s scheduler know, and perhaps schedules will match and you can visit with the Congressman.

I hope your travels back to California went well.

Best regards,




Barbara Romero

District Director

Congressman Steve Pearce - NM 02

(575) 835-8979 /  (855) 4 – Pearce

Cell:  575-517-7330