An Attempted Coup D’ État Demands A Reckoning, Mr. President

© 2019 Clifford C. Nichols

This coming Saturday over 100 events have been planned to occur around the nation to call for House impeachment hearings to proceed against President Trump. In reality, however, this will be nothing less than a continuation of the coup d’ état that was started by a few in our government now over two years ago that must be halted in its tracks … now … before it’s too late.

Undeniably, America is a divided country. Indeed, some are saying we are in the midst of a civil war. And, rightfully so. Sometimes it seems like the only things not yet flying are the bullets.


Ever since the President was elected, progressives and other liberals operating in Congress, our federal courts, Hollywood, the media, and even several departments of the federal government have in one way or another used a mirage going by the name of collusion to justify their unlawful efforts to delegitimize his presidency and remove him from office.

Then a month ago, along came the “Mueller Report.” Having found no evidence of collusion whatsoever, most rational minds thought the madness should have ended there. But obviously, it didn’t. And the reason for that became equally obvious very soon.

His Report intentionally left unresolved the question of the President’s obstruction of justice. And to remove any doubt that he intended to leave this flame burning, he recently gave his infamous press conference where he insinuated the existence of the President’s obstruction to make certain others would not overlook the picking up of that burning torch he left and then run with it towards impeachment with even greater fervor than before… as he nervously completed his mission before sailing off into retirement without taking any questions from the press. And all that was before John Solomon revealed in The Hill that Mueller’s report was actually nothing less than a political hit piece due to its omission of critical material facts that, once discovered, only further exposed Mueller’s extreme bias against the President.

The seminal question this leaves us is why did Mueller make the decision to sing such a discordant swan song?


Perhaps it has something to do with his knowledge that the Department of Justice is presently investigating a small group of former high-ranking officials within our government — that could very well include Mueller — who are alleged to have committed a number of crimes in furtherance of a conspiracy centered around the Clinton-financed Steele dossier, all with the intent of fraudulently creating, propagating and perpetuating the very collusion hoax Mueller was called upon to investigate for the purpose of unlawfully overthrowing a duly elected President.

Could it be that Mueller had knowledge of these conspiratorial activities early on? If so, it could then also be concluded that his investigation of the President’s alleged collusion was also a deceitful hoax perpetrated by him as a pretext to fabricate any crime his co-conspirators could accuse the President of to justify his removal from office — like the illusion of his “obstructing justice.”

Arguably, such an intentional misuse of the vast powers and resources of the federal government to attempt the overthrow of a duly elected President by means of such fraud and deceit could be seen as "waging war" against the constitutionally seated government of the United States. Sadly for America, in every sense such actions constitute an attempt to accomplish a coup d’ état to which the crime of treason would seem to attach, even as defined in 18 USC Ch. 115 Section 2381.

True, some might disagree. But, even if what these rogues are alleged to have done is not statutory or constitutional treason, their actions — again, if proven beyond a reasonable doubt — are even more likely to be found to constitute either: 


In the end, however, does it really matter what it’s called?

In the eye of the public, any conspiracy to circumvent the democratic process to overthrow the government of a duly elected President going by any name is still likely to be seen by most for what it is … treason.  

At minimum, a possible exposure to their being convicted of any of the above should highly motivate people like Mueller and his cohorts to find ways to avoid the penalties that attach. For some, their problem is there is simply too much evidence of their guilt already on the table for them to ever be able to deny it was their intent to overthrow our government. Thus, unless they turn state’s evidence per some plea bargain, they are likely to conclude their only remaining hope is to see their attempted coup through to the end to avoid years in prison… if not a noose. And this threat they pose is made even more potent when such highly motivated people are also both very intelligent and experienced in how the system can be manipulated to achieve their infamy.

Almost one year ago, I published an editorialMemo to President Trump: Prosecute Hillary or Perish — to sound a warning to our President that, if nothing is done soon to stop the overthrow of his presidency by attorneys working for Mueller, time is likely to play in his opponents’ favor. And, that is precisely what we are all watching play out before our very eyes today with the likes of Mueller’s press conference and its aftermath that has now led to, among other things, nationwide impeachment rallys.


Why else would Comey, by inference, strongly suggest to the public in a New York Times editorial that if you don’t support his opposition to a President he calls a criminal, “… you are lost. He has eaten your soul?” It’s the same reason that Mueller — again by inference — strongly suggested to the public in his gratuitous press conference that impeachment of the President for obstruction of justice remains on the table and should be pursued.

If such suggestions like these being broadcast to the public are not calls to arms, what are they? And unless and until the President puts a stop to the conspirators by holding them to account for their crimes, these attempts to incite the public are only likely to continue — like, Saturday’s planned impeachment rally’s!?!

Mr. President, do what is right and lawful, but do it quickly. Afford the conspirators the due process they have been denying you, but prosecute them now ... before they obtain the political momentum they are seeking to force you from the office you now hold …  to avoid the reckoning they deserve.

Clifford C. Nichols is an attorney licensed to practice in California and New Mexico. Please direct any comments regarding this editorial to